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We work hard to provide our students, members and teams that train at Players Edge with the best possible experience.

  • Professional Level Pitching Machines
  • Our Iron mikes are the same that all MLB teams use
  • Hit at the speed best suited to your training – fully adjustable between 45 to 80 MPH (plus one set at 35 to 60 MPH for our younger players)
  • 4 Machines loaded with hard balls to provide most realistic training experience
  • Long Cages to allow hitters to get the full 60’6” experience or any youth distance in between – 40’, 42’, 44’, 46’, 48’ and 54’
  • Multiple portable mounds – Flat, 4’’, 6” and 10” to allow you to pitch from your age appropriate height
  • Large open fielding area
  • Retractable netting to allow for multiple training configurations
  • Great lighting

Here’s what our students and their families have to say

“Jacob has really improved this year. He's stronger, his command and control are much improved, and his change-up and curve ball are baffling hitters. So far, he's pitched 14 innings, given up 3 hits and no runs. Last week, he hit 87 on a radar gun. Because of Jacob's no-hitter against Antioch and his scholarship to Bradley, he's started to attract some press coverage. Please pass this message on to Jim. Best regards.”

“Coach Eddie - Thanks for yesterday’s hitting lesson with LJ. It was one of the best yet. We appreciate the energy and dedication you show LJ.”

“Coach Szarabajka - Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for time attention coaching Alana (remember the littlest one on Sunday’s). She really enjoyed your class, and loved the personal attention you gave her from time to time. You’d be amazed how powerful some of your little friendly comments to her (and I’m sure the others) were. She’s playing softball in Vernon Hills this Spring, and has much more confidence having been in your class. I’ll keep working with her in meantime. We’ll see you again next fall and/or winter to keep up the momentum. Thanks again.”

“My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed our membership at Players Edge. You guys do a great job on all aspects of running your business. I was very impressed. We will be in to renew our membership shortly."

“Very impressed with your Total Baseball program. Coaches are wonderful. Looking forward to next week.”

“We will renew annual membership next time in. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for such great facilities, service and flexibility in scheduling!”

“Coach Eddie did a fantastic job yesterday in the coaches clinic for preparing the Managers & Coaches on how to run practices. It was a great turnout and he did a great job and having the kid’s demonstrate some of the drills was very informative.”

“I have been fortunate enough to obtain your coaching tips through my co-coach who attended your wonderful seminar. The drills seem to be working very well with the children. Thanks for your continued support.”

“Coach Todd - Thanks again for a great fall ball season. I think we exceeded our expectations getting to the championship game. I thought you did a great job teaching and coaching the boys.”

“Thank you all for helping to prepare Jamie for 11u baseball. We are looking forward to another great season!”

“Thank you for the kind words and for helping Jacob prepare for travel tryouts. We couldn't have done it without your help and clinics so we greatly appreciate all that you and your staff do as well.”

“I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for everything you did for our high school team this week, speaking for myself of course we are grateful that a business such as yours is available during our tryout week. We have never had that opportunity before and with all of the hitting, pitching and fielding options available to us, all of the coaches truly felt they got the best opportunity to analyze the players. Thanks again and I am sure we will see you again real soon”

“Alison (she took classes with you on Sundays during the winter) made Freshman A team softball at Stevenson. Thanks for helping her learn the game!”

“We want to thank you for helping give Asher such a fantastic party. I know with 22, 8 year old boys, it can be extremely hard to reign them in, but your guys do an amazing job at keeping the boys moving, organized and having the best time. You really went out of your way to accommodate for the many late arrivals due to the snow storm. You really made it worth while for people to make the trek out that night to celebrate Asher's party. Asher absolutely loves the game of baseball and you guys do a wonderful job of helping him to foster this love with his private lessons.”

“We had our first practice today. Joshua was eons ahead of the others on his team. It was nice to see how far a winter of lessons can bring him at this young age. Also, we had our coaches orientation led by another organization the other day and I was not nearly as impressed with their approach like I was yours. They are keeping things extremely remedial as opposed to your approach which was to teach it correctly from the get-go, even though it takes a bit longer for them to grasp.”

“Just a brief note to say that I was told that Quinn had a very strong tryout prior to his making the sophomore team. He is a pitcher, and an outfielder on his team. I am just writing to thank you for your training, and for your Knights program, because I believe it was instrumental in preparing him for tryouts. His team is a very strong group.”

“Coach Kent - Jess has been at Varsity try-outs all week and it looks like she's going to make the varsity team as a freshman! Thanks in-part to all your help! She'll be playing catcher and left field. Her hitting has really improved.”

"We LOVE you guys. Moose ended with an AMAZING batting average and was a great catcher this past season."

"Coach Holbrook, I appreciate so much the support you have shown to Will since he met you. I think he trusts you and believes that what you teach him is correct. I also think he is comfortable talking with you, that is really important."

First Class Academy, First Class Instruction, First Class Ballplayers!

a truly professional staff of instructors dedicated to helping each athlete

Brooke Heraty
Brooke Heraty
Instructor – Catching
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Cam McConnell
Cam McConnell
Instructor – Catching/Hitting
Instructor – Catching/Hitting Bio coming soon. have a question?Drop a Line Name E-mail Message Send Message
Charlotte Larsen
Charlotte Larsen
Instructor – Pitching
Instructor – Pitching Bio coming soon. have a question?Drop a Line Name E-mail Message Send Message


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